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Crypto-Fiat DEX
Swap your crypto for fiat that is instantly spendable.
Buy Crypto directly from other Plutus members.
This feature is only available for EEA users
Crypto is considered a high-risk investment and can go up as well as down in value.

Fund Your Account with Crypto
Live Rates

We use a weighted average for the fairest spot rates.
Swap Between
Peer-to-Peer Crypto Conversions
Sell Crypto
You sell crypto directly to other Plutus members who provide the fiat liquidity for your Card/Account top up in return.
Buy Crypto
You purchase crypto directly from users looking to add balance to their Plutus Account. Buy orders on the platform help fuel a seller's card balance.
Enjoy a Zero-Fee Experience
Upgrade to our Everyday or Premium Subscription Plans for the below benefits.
Buy/Sell crypto without any fees (0%)
Increase your Rewards Limit
Increase the number of Perks
Everyday & Premium
0% Fees
Safety of Your Crypto Assets
As a non-custodial service, our members’ crypto-assets remain safe and entirely in their control.
You hold sole ownership of the private keys, removing any security concerns.
For additional security, Plutus enforces mandatory 2FA.
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We’re currently in pilot testing mode - our cards are with members of the Plutus community and will open to public in several weeks.
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