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Find out everything you need to know about Plutus and our respective token, Pluton (PLU), below.
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We have partnered with several exchanges to help increase awareness and accessibility of PLU.
7 October 2020
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30 October 2020
6 November 2020
2 December 2020
17 December 2020
17 February 2021
What is Plutus?
Plutus helps you bank on crypto! It lets you manage traditional fiat and trending cryptocurrencies under one user-friendly app. It also comes with the world’s first DeFi card with 3% crypto rewards, powered by a unique DEX that lets you securely spend your digital assets!
What Makes us Different?
Non-Custodial Wallet
Plutus lets you attach your personal cryptocurrency wallet to your Plutus Card without revealing the private keys.
Interact with your crypto assets alongside your fiat from one intuitive banking-like dashboard with absolute certainty they are secure.
Crypto & Fiat DEX
The custom-built PlutusDEX allows you to swap between crypto and fiat directly from your personal wallet.
You never have to trust a 3rd party with your assets ever again. The DEX is also integrated into the mobile app which is an incredibly rare sight.
Over 15% in Cash & Crypto Rewards
Users can earn 3% back in crypto (PLU) on every single purchase making it one of the best money-saving accounts.
Our members can earn additional fiat cashback (over 15%) at selected retail affiliate partners such as Amazon, Sky, and more!
Company Background
Plutus originated as a mere concept in 2015, long before the crypto boom, by veterans in the industry who wanted to help overcome the obstacles of merchant adoption and provide real value to users of crypto.
Original Idea
The aim was to combine a DEX with a debit card so crypto enthusiasts could convert their assets into a spendable card balance accepted anywhere in the world, whilst also integrating a unique rewards programme that reaped huge savings.
Evolution & Growth
Since then, Plutus has evolved from payments into a complete financial app that is better than a bank! However, it was particularly important that we bridged the two financial worlds in the right way, by maintaining the integrity and culture from which cryptocurrencies originated.
This means ensuring our customers are empowered with full custody of their crypto at all times. Non-custodial crypto and traditional fiat under one intuitive app!
Company Incorporation
Concept Release (Blog)
MasterCard Partnership
Plutus 1.0
Card Release
Plutus 2.0
Brand Overhaul
Plutus 2.0 (Desktop)
Plutus 2.0 (Mobile App)
PlutusDEX Trading (Desktop)
2020 & Onwards
Rapidly grow UK & EEA Customer Base
25,000 users in 2020
150,000 users in 2021
Launch in Asia 2021
Launch in Latin America 2021
Banking License 2022
Whitepaper Release
First Successful Crowd Sale
PlutusDEX Beta 1.0
Plutus Beta (App) 1.0
Money2020 Sponsorship
Replaced Banking Partner
(Mastercard to Visa)
Plutus 1.0 (Desktop)
Plutus 1.0 (Mobile App)
PlutusDEX 1.0
PlutusDEX Trading (Mobile)
Plutus Premium Accounts
Pluton (PLU) Rewards
Plutus Perks
High Impact Features
FX Market
Dual-Currency Accounts
(e.g. EUR & GBP)
Increased Fiat Currency Options
Increased Cryptocurrency Options
Spending Analytics
(Category / Merchant / Country)
Business Accounts
International Remittance
Additional Features
24/7 Real-Time Faster Payments
24/7 Customer Service
Direct Debit
Real-Time Notifications & Alerts
SEPA Instant Credit Transfers
Automated Monthly Crypto Purchases
Additional Crypto-Cashback Options (BTC/ETH)
Piggybank Investment
Sub-Accounts (for Family & Friends)
Virtual Cards
SDK for Developers to Build Features on Plutus
Founding Team
Danial Daychopan
A FinTech entrepreneur and an early ambassador of digital currencies. Dan has been immersed in blockchain to deliver innovative payments systems and licensed crypto exchanges since 2013.
Jasper Tay
Previously a bond trader and a FinTech entrepreneur with nearly a decade’s experience in the financial markets. Most recently he launched an all-to-all hedge fund trading platform for credit derivatives.
Minyi Soon
Minyi has a diverse background across asset management, blockchain, product and tech. Most recently she managed the digital asset platform of a crypto digital-asset exchange.
Future Plans
The sale will largely contribute to increasing awareness of the Pluton token and liquidity. Following this, Plutus will scale the business and code more advanced banking-like features. Having delivered above and beyond what was promised in the initial whitepaper, here is a glimpse of our long-term roadmap.
Asia Launch
Plutus will be launching in the capital of all crypto-related activity, Asia, which dominates ~40% of the world’s user market share.
Latin America Launch
Plutus will be launching in Latin America, a currently untapped market where there is a high demand for non-custodial solutions such as the Plutus Card. This includes the addition of USD to our available fiat currencies.
Rapid Growth
Extensive marketing campaigns to rapidly grow Plutus into an internationally known brand. So far, Plutus has experienced 5% week-on-week growth through entirely organic avenues; a figure that we intend to continue accelerating.
Banking License
A banking license plus all the latest neo-banking features such as habitual spend breakdown, standing orders, direct debits, dual-currency accounts and more, so that you can treat Plutus as your one-stop hub for all your financial needs.
What Are the Benefits of Pluton?
Pluton (PLU) is a one-of-a-kind utility token. You earn 3% of every purchase back in PLU when you use the Plutus Card, a feature called 'Pluton Rewards', and the token carries a wealth of benefits for the owner.
Stake to access Plutus Perks
Holding PLU will unlock Plutus Perks which offers additional rewards on top of the standard 3%.
Swap into Plutus Card balance
Pluton (PLU) can be swapped as it carries its own use-case and fiat value determined by external market forces.
Stake for Premium services
Holding PLU can unlock a Premium/Pro account and bonus crypto when purchasing PLU on the DEX.
Transfer without restrictions
They can be transferred between friends or swapped for fiat on the PlutusDEX.
Learn more
There are 20 million Pluton in total. A small fraction of this (850k PLU) was sold as part of a crowd sale to raise funds for the product back in 2016.
There is 17.15m PLU remaining in the Pluton Rewards Pool which is designed to last over a hundred years.
The remaining 2m PLU was recently re-allocated to help increase awareness and liquidity of the token. This will be distributed as follows:
Total Supply
Circulating Supply
Locked in Plutus
Development Fund
Pluton Rewards Pool
50%(1m PLU)
will be locked away across two years for the Plutus Development Fund.
35%(700k PLU)
for our Liquidity Injection Programme and short-term development.
15%(300k PLU)
for the initial sales described above.
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