Current Account
Open a Current
Account Effortlessly
Open an account from anywhere in the EEA region to send and receive GBP/EUR using your very own Plutus current account.
  • Fast and easy opening in under 2 minutes
    Earn Pluton every time you top up your balance with BTC or ETH.
  • Transfer money seamlessly
    Your contactless card will let you shop online, and at over 40 million points-of-sale worldwide.
Debit Card
Spend Online and
In Store Using Your
Own Plutus Debit Card
Your contactless card will let you shop online, and at over 40 million points-of-sale worldwide. It comes with a built-in reward program and many other benefits.
Crypto Powered
Unlock the Potential of Cryptocurrencies
Trade at spot rate between Bitcoin/Pluton/Ethereum and Euro/GBP using a unique decentralised gateway called the PlutusDEX.
Earn up to 3% in Pluton rewards

You receive a free reward of up to 3% in Pluton every time you move a balance and spend it from your Plutus debit card.

Pluton is the first decentralised loyalty token, created on the Ethereum blockchain. It is a utility token that works similar to frequent flier miles or cash-back programmes.

You can redeem Pluton for services within the platform. The key benefits are high-priority transactions and no fees in the Plutus ecosystem.

  • Instant Crypto to Fiat Conversion
    You can convert PLU earned to either GBP or EUR via the built-in PlutusDEX.
  • Redeem for membership services
    We let you redeem your earned PLU against premium account services.
  • Swap for Rewards
    You can convert PLU earned into rewards to enrich your experience.
  • Send to friends
    You can send PLU earned to anyone by providing their email address.
Transaction handling and security
  • Security for Crypto
    ​The decentralised nature of blockchain enables us to monitor crypto transactions directly between sellers and buyers without touching the user funds.
  • Security for Fiat
    GBP and EUR received from the conversion of crypto are locked in escrow and sent directly from buyer's Plutus current account to the seller's account.
Get your current account now
Make a deposit with GBP, EUR or our very own utility token, Pluton, to benefit from instant conversions and free services.
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