Earn Additional Cash Back on Top of Your Pluton Reward (PLU)
Earn Double-Dip Rewards from a Single Card
Only available to Premium and Pro members
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What is Plutus Perks?

The Plutus Perks Programme provides our Premium & Pro members with additional online cash back offers on top of the existing crypto reward (Pluton Rewards).

The cash back is available at our internationally known retail partners to provide you with double-dip rewards for your purchases.

How Does Staking Work?
You will receive PLU balance every time you spend with your Plutus Card. This will automatically unlock cash back opportunities which you can view in the Pluton Dashboard.
There are five different levels to unlock. The more you spend with your Plutus Card, the faster you will earn PLU which you can stake to progress through these levels.
Levels 1-3
The first three levels unlock new retail brands at which you can earn cash back.
Levels 4-5
Bonus levels that add deeper cash back discounts and other perks.
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