Earn 3-9% Crypto Rewards | Plutus Debit CardPlutus - Unlock the Potential of Your Cryptocurrencies
Earn Crypto Rewards on Everyday Payments
Spend Fiat or Crypto with a Visa Debit Card, and earn PLU along the way.
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Top-up your Visa Debit Card with GBP or EUR and make instant payments.
Feature currently unavailable
Convert your PLU or ETH into a spendable card balance.
Spend Crypto Anywhere
Non-Custodial Card
Feature currently unavailable
We’ve made it possible to link your personal cryptocurrency wallet to your Plutus Card without revealing your private keys.
Swap your Crypto for spendable Card balance whilst retaining complete control over your assets.
Not your keys, not your crypto.
Earn Rewards
3% Crypto Reward
All Subscription Plans offer a minimum of 3% in Crypto Rewards.View Subscription Plans
9% Crypto Reward
Increase your Crypto Reward rate up to 9% by stacking PLU.View Reward Levels
Get Rewarded for Spending