Earn 3% crypto reward on every purchase
The World’s First Decentralised Loyalty Token.
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What are
Pluton Rewards?
Pluton (PLU) is the world’s first decentralised loyalty token to enter the market and it can be earned anywhere in the world that accepts Visa® cards.
Unlike traditional reward programmes, they are not restricted to a single merchant or store.
Earn it
3% crypto reward in Pluton (PLU) for every purchase.
Buy it
On the PlutusDEX to acquire its benefits.
Spend it
The Plutus Card works at over 60 million merchants.
Benefits of Pluton
Pluton Rewards is accessible to all account plans. Earn PLU and enjoy the full range of benefits below.
Access to Plutus Perks
Holding PLU will unlock Plutus Perks which offers additional rewards on top of the standard 3%.
Convert into Plutus Card balance
Pluton (PLU) can be converted as it carries its own use-case and fiat value determined by external market forces.
Stake for more rewards
Holding PLU can unlock a Premium/Pro account and bonus crypto when purchasing PLU on the DEX.
Transfer without restrictions
As a decentralised token, PLU can be withdrawn and is not restrained to only the Plutus ecosystem.
Base Emission Rate
If daily trading volume
< 30 BTC
For every increase of 0.1 BTC
Rate reduced by 0.0165%
Maximum Rate
Minimum Rate
Pluton Reward Rate Explained
The PLU reward rate is deflationary, meaning as usage of our services grow, the rate at which PLU is emitted to our members decreases. Our reward model ensures token scarcity which provides additional value to our Plutus members.
How does it work?
The daily emission rate is currently 3%.
The emission rate will reduce when transaction volume increases on the PlutusDEX.
How Much Could I Earn?
1Select your local currency (GBP/EUR).
2Adjust the slider based on how much you spend monthly.
3Check out how much PLU you could be earning, as well as the value of your earned PLU!
Monthly Spend
Drag the thumb to adjust your spending
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Pluton Rewards is only available to Premium & Pro members but the benefits far outweigh the costs. Sign up today to enjoy your rewards!