The Team

With a combined experience of over forty years in payments, financial trade and software development, the Plutus team is more than well prepared to revolutionize the practical usage of bitcoin and improve the standards of the industry and its use of blockchain technology.

Danial Daychopan

A fintech entrepreneur within the payments industry. His vision is to create the next generation payment system and has been active in the groundbreaking blockchain and bitcoin ecosystem since 2013.

Tobias Sommer

Tobias was previously Vice President at Evercore, analyst at Morgan Stanley, and spent five years investing into European Buyouts for Arcapita. He is responsible for fundraising as well as the operational and commercial build-out of Plutus.

Jasper Tay

Previously a bond trader and a fintech entrepreneur with nearly a decade in the financial markets. Most recently he launched an all-to-all Hedge Fund Trading platform for Credit Derivatives.

Martin Szyllo

A software architect with over twenty years in building technology startups. Gifted strategist who specialises in planning, compiling and executing complex digital solutions with a large amount of moving parts. Responsible for all aspects of software development at Plutus and project management of the PlutusDEX.

Peter Panayi
Head of Marketing

A leading marketeer, Peter has held several key Sales and Marketing leadership roles within IT, Telecoms, Media and Market Research. Launching award winning products in Business Intelligence and Media. A highly accomplished strategist with 15 years experience. A passionate, active investor within the Cryptocurrency space since 2015. His vision is to educate consumers seeking alternatives payment methods.

Filip Martinka

Copywriter, speaker and brand advisor with a decade of experience selling products and services in the software industry, specialised in bitcoin and disruptive technology since 2014. Filip has written numerous video scripts, whitepapers, as well as landing pages for high-profile cryptocurrency projects in the top 100, and negotiates bulk mining equipment manufacture on behalf of Global Relations Consulting GmbH.

Alex Barashkov
Product Manager & Architect

Experienced full-stack web developer, IT product and project manager, with seven years of experience leading all aspects of diverse projects from inception to release. Combines both strong frontend and backend skills with previous expertise as a hands-on UX architect.

Dmitry Semenovskiy
Technical Lead

A full stack developer with 8 years of experience in building complex applications. He previously worked at IBM and another startup which specialised in cryptocurrency. Dmitry comes with excellent skills and expertise in developing both frontend and backend systems, being fluent in modern web frameworks and has a passion to build pixel perfect and user-friendly web apps.

Nikita Teplyakov
Senior Android Developer and iOS Developer

Experienced Android developer educated in multiple engineering disciplines and well-versed in development of practical mobile applications. Enjoys applying logic to difficult problems, which inspired him to pursue computer science. Has over 4 years of experience in building complex mobile applications using industry best practices, TDD, modern frameworks & technologies.

Kemal Smaylov
Senior Software Engineer

Skilled frontend developer with a high level of proficiency in the web technologies. Kemal has ability to create flexible architect solutions. He has experience in large and high-load projects. Expert of an understanding and vision of client-oriented UI. Also he created microservices for the top exchanges of crypto currency for private channels.

Filippos Protogeridis
Senior Product Designer

Filippos is an impact driven product designer, having worked with leading tech companies in both Europe and the US, shaping ideas into engaging experiences. With extensive experience in both consumer and business facing industries, ranging from mobile marketing and retail to fintech and localization automation, Filippos is responsible for all design touchpoints of Plutus.

Alexandru Rotaru
Customer Service Manager

With a 6 year background in retail management, Alexandru joins Plutus from running one of the largest communication outlets in the UK. He brings his passion for outstanding customer service and love for the crypto/blockchain space. He is tasked with developing and implementing a customer support system with the same high level of service you expect from any leading brand.

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