The Plutus DEX
Buy Crypto at Zero Fees
Create a PlutusDEX Beta Account
Make a deposit
You can fund your DEX account with GBP or EUR.
Create a Buy order
You can purchase crypto directly from Plutus Tap & Pay users for free
Decentralised/Instant withdrawal
You provide an address of your own choice to receive crypto directly. PlutusDEX does not hold your crypto.

Why Zero Fees?

You buy crypto with GBP or EUR to provide liquidity for people who want to convert their crypto in to payment balance on the Tap and Pay app.
Save money on fees when compared to centralised exchanges.
The PlutusDEX is a one way buying platform which allows you to purchase crypto directly from other users on the Tap and Pay network.
Trading with plutus
0% fees
Other Sellers
Total Transaction Amount
Transaction Fees
Do you already have crypto and want to spend them?
Download the tap and pay app and order your free Plutus Debit Card. Make a deposit with pluton to benefit from instant conversion and 0% fee.
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